Latin America has over 640 million consumers, but there is no solution which caters to 100% of the population.

Mobile Wallet for

Latin America

Secure Transactions

Cash-in & Cash-out

We are empowering people for a cashless world

We are Awesome

Available Nationwide

All 10 cellphone 


Tpaga allows people to spend their money where they need it the most. 

And growing as we speak...

Top gas station chains

in the country.

Largest supermarket 

chain in Latin America.

Top Merchants


Cellphone Top-ups

25 utilities in all

major cities.


Bill Payments

In Colombia 60% of consumers do not have credit card or bank accounts, and they might never have.

What they currently have is a cellphone and Tpaga will be their payment app.

First of its kind in Colombia

If you are interested on being part of our ambassador club (part of the fintech revolution in Latin America), please contact us.

Launching October 1st

Millennial Disruption Index 

Andres Gutierrez


"The problem is, banks have not been able to scale to rural cities, and honestly nobody wants to go to banks anymore."

"71% of millennials would rather go to the dentist than to the bank."

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